Free afrika ni sex vedeo

29-Jan-2019 17:36

Makhasi said others who had the video clip or distributed it could also be charged.

“Regardless of their age or role in the incident, the children may be charged with the creation, production, distribution or possession of child pornography as this is illegal,” Makhasi said.

“We believe the issue of Jules is the tip of the iceberg.” Makhasi said earlier this year officials had visited a number of schools in Cape Town where these videos had been distributed.

She said technology was bringing new challenges to schools and these had to be faced by the Department of Basic Education.

The incident involving three school pupils caught on camera having sex while on school grounds was just “the tip of the iceberg”, says the Film and Publications Board.

Chief executive Yoliswa Makhasi said they had been closely following the Jules High School case where a girl and two boys were filmed while having sex.

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All three have also been charged under the Sexual Offences and Film and Publication Act.

Their main concern was that child pornography had been created and was then distributed.

The 15-year-old girl and one of the boys, a 14-year- old, were charged with consensual sexual penetration.

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